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HP American Energy, Inc. has been providing the highest quality solar products and services throughout Los Angeles and all of California since 2016. Schedule a no-obligation, no-pressure appointment with one of our experienced installers and you’ll quickly understand why our expanding client-base trusts their homes and business to HP American Energy . We provide a wide range of commercial and residential solar and energy storage systems.

There are so many Home Solar Panelscontractors, so many TV and radio commercials, and so many myths about solar power that it may be difficult to make the plunge. That’s where we come in. We will help cut through the noise and give you a realistic view of the solar power issue. We are confident that when you’re armed with the facts rather than hype and scare tactics, you’ll be excited to be part of the clean energy movement.

HP American Energy is passionate about renewable energy, and part of our mission is to help set the record straight regarding common myths about solar and clean energy. Some of these myths include the following:

  • Technology will keep advancing so I should wait until it improves more before going solar. (The basic solar technology has remained steady for fifty years, so waiting is most likely costing you more than it’s saving you.)
  • Only a few states offer incentives to go solar. (The federal government has a 30% tax credit for solar systems installed before 2020. That’s for all 50 states! And many other states have their own programs.)
  • Solar panels need intensive maintenance. (Solar technology is very durable and requires minimal maintenance – and what is needed HP American Energy will take care of for you!)
  • Solar panels don’t work in cold climates. (They actually work best in cooler weather as long as it’s sunny out.)

If you never thought your home or business was a good candidate for solar – think again! We find ways to put solar on your roof! You don’t have to give all that money to San Diego Gas and Electric, PG&E Southern California Edison, or that local electric company with ever raising rates. For less money than paying your electric bill, you can pay for solar.

What contractor to use? All I can suggest is that you consult with an HP American Energy advisor for a no-pressure review of your energy profile, and you’ll have the facts needed to make a highly-informed decision. It may seem straight-forward, but every family or business has a different situation and all solar is not the same.

We can point you in the right direction and we work with a handful of contractors large and small to get your project off the ground, installed, and turned on.

Call HP American Energy, Inc. in Los Angeles CA today at

888-230-SOLAR (7652)


Our Service Areas Include: Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and the state of California

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