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Our professionals provide a wide variety of residential and commercial solar energy installation services throughout Los Angeles CA.

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Solar Energy Installation

Any work being performed on your home or business must be completed quickly, efficiently, and flawlessly. HP American Energy, Inc. brings the expertise to deliver on each of these needs. There is no such thing when it comes to solar panel installation as a one-size-fits-all method. Our talented team approaches each job on its own merits, customizing a plan that will guarantee a fast, cost-effective, and impeccable final product.

As in all roof-related projects, pitch, slope, curves and contours of the structure must be accounted for, as well as proximity to other buildings, trees, power lines, and other variables. With solar panel installation, additional factors must also be considered to maximize the solar potential for your residence or business. Fortunately, our solar panels can be customized to fit any structure, and our experienced team will devise a plan that will have your solar roof in place in a turnaround time that astounds many customers.

Best of all, we have expertise in explaining each step of the process to our clients, so by the time we are installing the first panel, our customers have a good deal of solar knowledge of their own! Call us today for an energy audit and we’ll get you on your way to cleaner and less-costly energy!

Solar Energy Maintenance

One of the common concerns customers have with any major purchase is the maintenance and upkeep of the product after purchase – especially ones with a technical component with which they may not be completely familiar.

HP American Energy, Inc. prides itself in alleviating this concern for clients. We have an inspection and maintenance program that will provide all the support necessary so you have a worry-free experience after the installation of your solar panels or other ‘higher power’ system. Our team of experts will be available to explain each step of the process, and our philosophy is that there is no question too small to ask.

Periodic inspections and reviews with our customers will make sure that all their expectations are being met and questions are answered. We take a proactive approach to maintenance so that very few issues ever rise to the level of a concern – and we have the track record to support this claim.

Our post-installation maintenance process is one that HP American Energy, Inc. actually savors because at this stage our customers have now become active members in the clean energy movement – something that is part of the fabric of our company. Our relationship often grows beyond simply a business to customer connection into one of peers contributing to a common and important cause.

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Our Service Areas Include: Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and the state of California

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